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Besides loans, we bring to you all the best sites on credit cards, on-line banking, insurance, credit reports, merchant accounts and affiliate programs.

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Loans - Here are the loan companies that'll bring you the best terms and save you the most money ... 

  • Abacus Credit.comAre you getting turned down every time you apply for a personal loan?  A new program now offers 100% guaranteed personal loans for any purpose. Homeownership is not required. Bad Credit is Welcome 

  • - � this is a great site.  Lenders bid to get your account.  You enter your information only once, and then lenders offer you bids, and re-bid lower and lower.  You are in complete control and end up the ultimate winner.

  • Collegiate Funding - You may suspect that all Federal Consolidation Loans are the same, but they're not.  A Real World Consolidation Loan is designed to make student loan repayment more affordable by combining your existing eligible Federal student loans into a single new loan.

  • - get a tax break on your loan.  Consider a loan from DeepGreen Bank for big ticket items like cars, college, furniture, computers�and get a tax break.  Give yourself a break and check out this site.

  • - LoanWeb searches hundreds of lenders and thousands of loan programs to bring you the best loan terms and save you money.  After the search is done, 3 lenders in your area will contact you and compete for your business.

  • Best Rate on Personal Loan - You complete the application once and on the backend, the data will be consolidated to find the Best Rate on Your Personal Loan. No More searching around on the internet and no more calling around and being put on hold.

  • � we're a free service to you.  We are not paid from loan originations, so this ensures unbiased lender recommendations for you.  You simply enter your information and you are contacted by lenders who compete for your business.

  • - Great Auto financing, takes 2 minutes to apply and get approved in a few hours.  No haggling with a dealer.  You save money by having an upfront loan commitment at a great rate.  Loan professionals are available to help you through every step.

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Credit Cards - If you're looking for low introductory rates, low APR's and great service and benefits, click on these credit card sites

  • Best rates on loans. Visa Capital One �� Great benefits.  Get introductory interest of 0%, followed by a low 9.9% fixed rate, plus a generous credit limit of up to $20,000 and no annual fee.

  • Loans Visa NextCard - instant online approvals and balance transfers, no hidden fees, introductory rates as low as 2.99% with 9.99% ongoing APR.  1-click guaranteed safe online shopping, and with PictureCard, you can put any picture you want your NextCard.

  • Loans American Express� - no finance charges, no preset spending limits, Membership Rewards points for every dollar you spend with no expiry, with an annual fee of only $55.00.

  • Loans American Express� - Blue - get 0% introductory APR for purchases, fixed APR as low as 10.99%, no annual fee, the option to pay over time, and low 9.99% fixed APR on balance transfers.  The Best Value Guarantee assures that you'll pay the lowest available price.

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Merchant Accounts � if you are selling anything from your store, home or website, you will want to take a look at these sites.  A merchant account can double or triple your sales ...

  • - enjoy up to 300% more business on the Internet when you accept credit cards.  95% of all online orders are processed with credit cards.  Compare our rates.  Only $.83 per day for a real-time processing system and discount rates as low as 2.25% (Internet) and 1.54% (Retail).  No application fee, no set up fee.

  • Collect-A-Card.Com - we are specialists in providing you with the easiest, safest, and most secure methods for collecting money for your business.  We have the highest approval rates in the world.  No terminal required, no exchange fees, simple to use.  All transactions processed in real time.  One low monthly fee.

  • - you can accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and you will find our merchant account rates to be the lowest available anywhere.  We approve 98% of all merchant account applications and can get you approved even if you have less than perfect credit.

  • - a large percentage of the buying public wish to use American Express.  Don't miss that sale.  No minimums, no transaction fees, no hidden costs, no waiting.

  • - rated 5 stars out of five by the E-Commerce Guide,  Other companies are similar, but check out why is a far better value than the competitors in providing the ability to accept real-time, secure payments directly from your web site.

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Online Banking - Here is a list of great Online Banking sites that will give you great service and save you money.

  • - is the real on-line banking solution.  In fact, all of their products pay a great return from interest checking to CD's.  And they even rebate ATM fees.  Review transactions online.  Check them out. 

  • - a membership Banking Line of Credit provides you with easy, check-based access to funds.  All checks are provided free of charge, and check writing is unlimited.  Membership offers rates as low as Prime + 2.99% and lines of credit up to $25,000

  • - an online first.  DeepGreen Quick Cash Loan provides up to $25,000 wired in 20 minutes to your checking account.  No appraisal, no paperwork, no hassles.  Also offered is complete services for all types of loans.

  • - � Free web banking, free web bill paying and "Quick-as-a-Click" personal financial management.  Earn a 6.01 APR on your checking account and enjoy a low fixed rate forever of  Prime + 1.9% on your credit card.

  • Virtual - through low overhead and marketing costs, Virtual Bank brings you rates that consistently rank in the top 1% nationwide.  When you apply, you are assigned a Relationship Manager who is accountable for you service experience.

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Insurance - these sites will give you the best quotes in the industry and many of them carry every type of insurance coverage.

  • Financial Services - FSD monitors the rates of over 160 of the leading life insurance companies (all rated "A" Excellent or better by A.M. Best). We then provide you with a personalized price comparison of the top 5 companies with the most coverage for the least out-of-pocket costs.

  • MortgageBid.comIf you need long term care or a nursing home, you know that it can be very expensive.  With long term care insurance you can protect your assets and keep your independence.  FREE QUOTE.

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Credit Reports - if you wish to check your credit history at the lowest possible cost, these are the sites you want to look into - see your credit history instantly for only $7.95.  Plus, has TrueProfiler, which tells you how you stand numerically, ranks you from very poor to very good, and tells you how to improve your credit standing. � For only $9.99 you can see your complete credit history in just seconds. � see how lenders are viewing your credit history for only $7.95.  You will have unlimited access to your report for a full 30 days.

Free Credit - Beginning with the FREE credit report you'll receive upon signing up for this FREE 30-day trial, the CreditCheck Monitoring Service will regularly bring you vital information about one of your most valuable financial assets: your credit. Which means that as others check into your credit, you will know everything they know.

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Affiliate Programs - having an Affiliate program is an easy way for you to make extra money from your existing website.  Have a look at these great sites.

  • - explode your website profits.  Add several powerful revenue streams to your web by using AIS Media's Dealer Programs.  Simply place the links we give you on your website and, for example, you make $US70 to $US175 commission when people sign up for credit card merchant services.  Plus, you receive an additional $US30 to $US50 when a sale is made by someone you refer to the program.  There is no cost to enroll and we have hundreds of ways for you to make more money using your existing website.

  • Capital One Visa� - Capital One's credit card products will make money for you.  Simply place a text-based or banner ad on your site, and every time someone clicks on the link and applies for a Capital One Credit Card and creates a new account, you make $25.  Joining our program is absolutely free.

  • American Express� - you will earn a commission each time an American Express product is sold through your site.  American Express provides you with a broad array of products and numerous creative formats.  Earn $30 to $55 every time someone applies for one of their product and is accepted.  It's that easy and there is no cost to join.

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